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Schlagwort: windows 2008 r2

DFSN Performance, where are you?

Have you ever experienced some kind of performance gaps with your DFSN running on powerful (hardware) Windows 2008 R2 server? Maybe this is the right post for you. Let’s get back to where everything began. One cloudy day we and our users experienced some heavy gaps while accessing the list of all connected drives (also known as My Computer). When they access „My Computer“ the explorer was frozen for a couple of seconds until everything went back to normal. These gaps happened the whole day. Sometimes they come and go within the whole day, sometimes these gaps only appear in the morning or in the evening and everyone using a software from a DFS share experienced the same problem at the same time as well. After checking the defaults within our AD and the file servers we tried to dive deeper, to become a feeling why this happens and what is the cause. Our Environment Let’s explain, how our environment looks like without telling you too much. – 8000 clients – 8 file server ( 4 x 2 Clustered ) – 4 DCs (two of them hold the Domain Based DFSN Namespace) — Hardware: Every Server: 16 Cores / 32GB…

Active Directory W2008 R2 – Remove DNS record with Powershell and WMI

The Simplest way of removing a DNS record from your active directory is using WMI. With Server 2008 R2 you can use powershell to get the record by setting a filter for the domainname and pipe the object to the wmiobject remove routine like this:

There are several online solutions available, but most of them use the wrong namespace and wrong filter parameter. This one workls perfectly. Ensure that you are using an administrative powershell with domainadmin privileges.