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Monat: November 2017

The End of GPOFirefox

First thanks to killerxcana for initializing this project some years ago. He did a great job to help Firefox to get into Enterprise environments. We wouldn’t have moved to Firefox without the ability to take full control of it and organize different policies among our large active directory. How I came to this and what was planned for GPOFirefox Since 2014 I was co author of this plugin and only fixing some bugs I found. From time to time I worked on a new version and planned some intelligent policy update mechanism to ensure a flexible and easy way to update old Firefox versions to new with new settings. This version was in an early beta status and unfortunately didn’t made it to production recently. After some projects I had to work on the past years, Mozilla announced their new version 57 and the new webextension. I was happy to hear about the way they went and started to evaluate on how to get my plugin post Firefox 56 compatible. Because GPOFirefox is a small and stupid piece of software, I was sure that porting it can’t be that hard. First I found out that accessing the registry directly isn’t…