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ESP8266 Wifi Modul – Logging data to a server

While searching for something new overthere at banggood, I ordered some ESP8266 modules that are soldered to a dev board. The board is pretty awesome, has a solid quality and can be flashed without any trouble with a micro USB cable from your Arduino IDE. All you need to do is to follow some of the available tutorials on how to load the ESP Flash utility and you are ready to go. While I was looking for a new project, I decided to use the ESP8266 for something I ever wanted – a simple temperature logging device at my balcony. I started to read a lot of tutorials and choose an old friend as a temperature sensor – the DS18B20. These are available in a waterproof housing and with up to 3m cable, which is perfect for measuring temperature not in the near of the powersupply. DS18B20 basic working example As the DS18B20 arrived, I started to test it with my Arduino Nano, to check if the basics are working, before I start over with the ESP8266. First of all, I put a 4,7KOHM resistor between signal and vcc and connected it to pin 6. Everything works fine with this…