Micro MinimOSD – Flash it with UM/CP2102 USB to Serial Converter (UART)

I bought a micro MinimOSD and failed to order a FTDI Board for flashing. Because I don’t need the MinimOSD at the moment, I didn’t bought a board for flashing. Today, I had a bit of spare time, and soldered the pins onto the MinimOSD, so I can connect it easily to a breadboard. I googled at bit and found out, that it should be possible to flash this little thing with an UM2102 / CP 2102 USB to Serial Converter.
Luckily, I bought one maybe 6 Years ago, when me and another friend dived into the microcontroller world more deeply, and faced the lack of debugging functionality, and compensated this, with a serial connection to the controller, to transmit debug strings to a serial connection (fun times!).
The one I bought wasn’t really expensive and came from a German distributor called ELV (elv.de and search for UM2102).
After checking the datasheet for the UM/CP2102 and the Micro MinimOSD, I put everything on a breadboard, and wired it up. Because the DTR pin isn’t in front of the CP2102, I have to solder this directly to a wire and hook it up to the MinimOSD (red Line).
After I connected the RX and TX in the right order (Crossed RX -> TX and TX -> RX) everything went very well. I have flashed the MinimOSD successfully with one of the million tutorials, on how to do it.


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