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Symfony pdo_sqlsrv Database setup on Ubuntu 16.x

If you have ever tried to connect to a Microsoft sql server from a linux system, you may have run into some issues regarding how to get valid drivers and don’t break your system. After a lot of search I came across this link: https://www.microsoft.com/de-DE/download/details.aspx?id=50420 If you click download, you are able to download a pdf file with installation instructions for mssql drivers on Ubuntu 16.04 (worked on 16.10) and so on. Here are the commands from the instruction manual:

I skipped the last line and deleted „msodbcsql=“ because the mssql-tools have a dependency to the latest msodbcsql 13 drivers and will install them.

After running all these commands I now can go further and talk to my mssql servers with the following Symfony setup (we use DBAL)

Quiet easy if you know how to install the correct drivers 😀