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Publisher 2010 PTXT9.DLL problem – solution

It stumble across a weird problem with Microsoft Publisher 2010. After we installed Publisher 2010 at some computers, the users responded, that it doesn’t work. They could open Publisher without any problem, but if the click on a tab at the Publisher start screen, a message appeared, that ptxt9.dll could not be loaded. After some research I found different KBs about replacing a corrupted PTXT9.dll and how you could extract it from the Publisher 2010 CD and so on. That didn’t help me, neither did regsrv32.exe PTXT9.dll help. So I did the usual analysis with sysinternals procmon and procexp. I saw some strange access denied messages from the registry. After updating the registry ACL the problem still exists. Publisher was some kind of broken. So I went to the installed programs. After scrolling to Publisher I recognized, that Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus was installed as well. So I tried to uninstall Office, because Publisher is Part of the Office package (but was installed as a stand alone version). Maybe that has something to do with this problem. I was wondering, because Publisher worked like a charm after a reboot. Happy about this I reinstalled Office via SCCM and started…

YDRjRectangle – JQuery rectangle selection – new version

After some weeks of dealing with jquery and the rectangle function i released earlier i wrote a new and cleaner version, renamed it to YDRjRectangle and put it into a plugin like shape, so everyone can implement further functionality for selecting objects or do other customizing to fit its needs.

If you want to use a technique like click & drag/mouse move you should get the disabletextselect plugin from jdempster, to get rid of unwanted text selection while drawing your div rectangle.