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Firefox Bookmarks with XMarks and local sync

It feels like I haven’t wrote since years. The reason for this was, that non of my projects really fits into a great topic for my blog. But now I have found something, that may be interesting for you, maybe from a theoretical / technical perspective. If you deal with Bookmarks and synchronisation, you surely have heard about an extension called „XMarks“, which was initial called Foxmarks, and if you dig into its sourcecode, you will see alot old unnamed function calls with Foxmarks. But I think you are not interested in a story about XMarks and its history but on how to get this thing synchronizing your bookmarks to your local harddrive (that is the thing I start to talk about in the after next section). I had a lot of problems with XMarks, which starts with synchronizing bookmarks over a webdav server, because XMarks doesn’t encode your password before sending it to the server. This ends in weird error messages about a not reachable or missing server. If you encode the password by yourself, everything works fine… So keep an eye on a hashtag within your password… This error is reported somewhere in the XMarks forum universe, included with…

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GPOFirefox – Gpo Plugin for Firefox extended

Paul (Nickname Killerx) did a great job with developing the GPO add-on for Firefox called GPOFirefox. There are a couple of Extensions out there, that handle the interface between Firefox and the Registry. That’s in case all you need to do, if you add some of these admx files around for managing Firefox through GPO. Since Paul stopped the development of the Gpofirefox add-on with version 5 of Firefox there are some things, that this add-on can’t handle. First of all, there are some differences between this add-on and other add-ons like for example the one of Frontmotion, which isn’t really a add-on. It’s kind of build into the so called Community Edition of Frontmotion Firefox. The Frontmotion add-on lacks at some point, when you need to change more settings than just the defaults like browser startup homepage, or proxy settings. If you only need these few defaults, I would recommend to use Frontmotions version, instead of any other, because Frontmotion comes with a customized admx file for all default settings in Firefox. The point, where this is not enough is when you want to change settings for example of an extension. Because Frontmotions admx file doesn’t support custom settings,…

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