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GPOFirefox – Registry keys

There are different setting which can applied to the registry. But not only types, it is also possible to set these settings for a complete computer or only for the logged on user, depending on where the location of the keys are.
If you use HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, everything is applied to every user who log in.
If you use HKEY_CURRENT_USER, everything is applied to the current logged in user.

Actually GPOFirefox supports the following setting types:

Locked settings
Description: Always applied to Firefox each time it starts. Unchangeable by user
Registry Location: <HKLM/HKCM>\SOFTWARE\Policies\Mozilla\lockedpref

Default settings
Description: Only applied to Firefox if the key doesn’t exists already. Changeable by user
Registry Location: <HKLM/HKCM>\SOFTWARE\Policies\Mozilla\defaultpref

How the the settings at the registry look like
All settings are created as strings (REG_SZ) and have the Firefox value name as key and its value as value.
For example, if you want to turn off Google suggest at the browsers search bar, this can be achieved by typing „about:config“ at the address bar and search for „suggest“
You find a key called „browser.search.suggest.enabled“ with the value „true“. To turn it off you can double click the value and set it to „false“.
To achieve this by a registry for GPOFirefox, add a new string at the lockedpref location and name it „browser.search.suggest.enabled“ and change the value to „false“.
The GPOFirefox add-on decides, if the add value „true/false“ is boolean, integer or string. I will add a typification later, so you can define which type your value has.

Here is an example registry file

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




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