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GPO – Deploy registry policies

If you want to add your settings to a GPO, open the Group Policy Management and edit your current / create a new GPO object.
Now you have to choose if you want to create registry entries for user (user configuration) or computer (computer configuration). Afterwards choose [ Settings -> Windows Settings -> Registry ]. We decided to create two sub folders, one for locked pref and one for default pref, as shown here:

GPO Firefox Registry Settings
GPO Firefox Registry Settings

Next step: Create a new registry element at the right side. This could look like this:

GPO Firefox Registry Settings
GPO Firefox Registry Settings

How about an ADM/ADMX file?

– If you find an ADMX file that fits your need, use it, otherwise you can create one from scratch, to manage your settings.
– It’s not flexible enough, because every plugin has its own settings. That the reason why I don’t submit an ADMX file.

3 Kommentare

  1. Bob B. Bob B.

    Hello Marco – thanks for creating this! Do you have screenshots in English? It makes it hard to follow because I don’t read German. Thanks!

  2. Hi Bob,
    I don’t have the images in English, because our servers only run with a German localization. But I found some in English ;).
    Here is the same picture like the one above, about where you can find the registry settings and how to create a new entry (choose Registry Item): http://abload.de/img/03-disable-java-updatd8jzo.png (If you want to apply it only for a user, please choose „user configuration“ instead of „computer configuration“ at the root.

    Another screenshot about how the registry dialog looks like in English: http://abload.de/img/408x452ximage_thumb34nxklb.png

    Let me know if this helps you to get through the process.

  3. Bob B. Bob B.

    Thanks Marco!

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