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GPOFirefox Documentation

Welcome to the GPOFirefox documentation

Paul, who initially wrote the base part of this add-on started development early 2009 and created a must have add-on for every windows administrator who uses Firefox on most computers of his company.
At least you can use an active directory to manage all these clients. Since different browsers like Chrome come with the possibility to be managed through the Active Directory, Firefox never had any additional features to be configured remotely by policies.
In the end, this add-on is used to close the gap between Firefox and Active Directory.

Because Paul stopped further development on this add-on I wrote him if I could become the developer to bring in some new features and fix some old bugs. I believe further development is needed to manage some settings the actual add-on can’t handle at the moment. Things like modifying sqlite databases, create event triggers (e.g. based on date and time, new Firefox version on start-up etc…) updates, edit XUL files and so on.
These things are only ideas I have at the moment. If you have an idea what feature would be great, please take the time and write to our forum.

I’m working on extending this documentation. If you have any question, please leave me a comment at my forum.

Here is a List of topics your maybe interested in:
How does GPOFirefox work?
How to create a GPO to set registry keys?
Where to find the registry keys?

Download of the current Version
Download GPOFirefox 0.9.4
This is the same version released to Mozilla.org. Please use this for testing purpose until Mozilla has released the add-on at the extension store.

Changelog of GPOFirefox
0.9.4 – Release Date 30.01.2014
– Due to policy changes at Mozilla I removed the ability to hide the extension from the extension list. If we don’t remove this, the add-on will never be published at the add-on gallery

0.9.3 – Release Date 23.01.2014 -Rejected by Mozilla
– Bug fix: Boolean „false“ values are applied correctly
– Bug fix: Non existing values are correctly created

4 Kommentare

  1. Xavier Xavier

    Hi Marco,
    Great job ! It will really make it easy for me to manage all firefox installations… „will“ because I still can set boolean value to ‚false‘. No matter if I set the DWORD value to 1 or 0 in the registry (or even FFFFFFFF), the parameter is always set to ‚True‘.
    I use version of the plugin, and I can read that same kind of bug was corrected in version 0.9.3. Did it come back ?

  2. Hi Xavier,

    all of the Values in the registry need to be REG_RZ and not DWORD. The plugin itself decide if it is a string, an integer, or an boolean (which works in most cases).
    So please try to use REG_SZ for true/false values, as well as integers.


  3. Daniel Neumann Daniel Neumann

    Good Morning!
    sorry my english , but I am using google translate . I would like to ask for help when the option to save password , I would disable the option of users salverem passwords in the browser , as a matter of security, but the option that the GPO offers me only disables the checkbox , not unchecking the box . could help me ?

  4. Unchecking the Checkbox is not supported by firefox, therefore you can’t change this in GPO

    Kind Regards

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