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Running OwnCloud 4.0 at your server

Owncloud was released today, so I installed the new version instantly and get some error messages. Here are some of them and how you can fix them.
First of all, my server is hosted by all-inkl.com, and the first thing I had to do is telling the apache, that I want to use php 5.3 instead of php 5.2.

You can change this in your .htaccess by adding the following line:

Make sure to edit this file again after setting up the database, becaus it seems to be rewritten by php, after the installation.

Next step was the session problem, because I don’t have permissions to write to /tmp/. I changed my session.save_path variable via .htaccess with the following line:

And last but not least, the file apps/files_odfviewer/appinfo/app.php has an empty space at the end of the file, that interrupts the header information that is send.
All you need to do is opening the file and delete everything after the last ?> command.

Now OwnCloud should run… Hopefully 😀

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