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Monat: September 2011

VB.NET – Enable Buttons in Applications with API calls

Every once in a while I stumble across some applications that have disabled control buttons without (for me) any reason. As a primary web developer I would like to have an easy way to enable these buttons. There exist some tools for firefox which you can enable buttons easily. For windows applications its a bit different. There are some win32 unlocker tools, but my virusscan doesn’t like those tools at all and I would like to learn how to do it on my own. I finally ended up with my IDE and some ideas on how to achieve this.
I found some tutorials on how to solve this problem with C#.net, but I haven’t installed C#.net on my box. I therefore tried to find a way to get through this with visual basic.net.

The Problem

There is a small, well known tool, that comes with Windows 7, that I use from time to time: The Calculator.
I like the windows calculator but my girlfriend mentioned that the „%“ button is disabled if you change the calculator from standard to scientific. For me, there is no reason why this button should be disabled, so I tried to find a way to enable it. Here we go.

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